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Reverse Osmosis System Accessories

Even the most efficient reverse osmosis systems (RO units) can perform even better when used hand in hand with the right RO water system accessories. Here at Premium Water Filters, we provide you with nothing less than the best RO water system accessories that will help increase the efficiency of your RO system and produce safer and healthier water for your home or business.

Our inventory is stocked with high-quality reverse osmosis membranes, carbon filters, TDS water meters, carbon cartridges, and much much more.

Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membranes

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Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Filmtec Membranes are the world leader in reverse osmosis membranes. Because these membranes are Thin Film Composite (TFC Dry), they reject more contaminants than regular desalination membranes. This ensures that your water is truly purified. All our Filmtec RO membranes give optimum performance. Made in the USA.

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Item #: TDS4
Price: $33.00


Digital TDS Meter

This reliable pre-calibrated TDS water meter (Total Dissolved Solids) lets you know how your membrane is holding up against impurities and contaminants. It's a simple device that tells you if your RO membrane need replacing.

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Item #: FMP85PSI
Price: $24.00

Filtamate Pressure Limiting Valve

Sometimes, your RO system unexpectedly receives pressures it can't handle. To prevent any damage to your RO water system because of these pressure spikes, you'll need a Filtamate Pressure Limiting Valve. Manufactured by Apex, this device will protect everything downstream by limiting the water pressure to 85 PSI.  Simple, but effective.

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Item #: ROMHS4510W
Price: $131.

Adjustable Remineralizer System

Now that you've removed chemicals, metals, nitrates, and contaminants from your drinking water, how about putting natural beneficial minerals back in?   Our exclusive Adjustable Remineralizer System adds natural minerals back to RO water, DI water, distilled water, and softened water to increase it's nutritive value and correct acidic water.


Item #: DM-2
Price: $80.

HM Digital DM-2 Dual TDS Monitor

Find out how much TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) pass through your RO membrane with this simple TDS Indicator.

Laboratory Grade Instrument.  Shows you the TDS values before - after your RO membrane so you can see how well the membrane is actually performing.

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Item #: K2540
Price: $17.

OmniPure® Inline GAC Carbon Filter

Improve your water quality with the Omnipure Inline GAC Carbon Filter. This Omnipure filter can be used as a post-RO filter or an inline refrigerator water filter. It removes over 95% of Chlorine, taste, and odors for 1500 gallons of water. Omnipure is the world leader in GAC Inline Water Filter Cartridge technology. Made in the USA.

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Item: 5ROARC10J14E
Price: $65.00

RO Replacement Carbon Cartridges – Enhanced

These high-performance carbon cartridges are the default installation for our 5 Stage RO Water Systems (Gold and Silver Series). The included 1 micron sediment filter screens out a whole range of small particles that a standard sediment filter allows to pass through, and the coconut shell carbon blocks are rated to remove VOCs. (Can be used for any RO system.)    See below for a STANDARD SET.

  • Designed to remove MORE organic contaminants than a standard set of carbon cartridges.
  • (3) Purtrex 1 micron Disposable Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filters
  • (2) Matrikx +5 premium carbon block filter (2-5 microns)
  • (1) OmniPure GAC 10" Post Carbon Filter

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Zero Waste Conversion Kit

This Zero Waste Conversion kit lets you conserve water through your RO system.  It sends your "reject water" into your hot water tank, minimizing your water usage and waste. Helps you save money by reducing your water bill costs.

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Price: $35.00

Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit

This complete system has all the components you need to deliver purified water to your refrigerator. Models with 1/4" or 3/8" Faucet tubing. Perfect for all RO systems and our GOLD and SILVER 5 Stage RO Water Systems.

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Reverse Osmosis Faucets

Purchase these beautifully designed reverse osmosis faucets to give your RO water system a classic look. Our faucets come in a variety of high-quality models in different finishes. We stock both air gap and non air gap designer faucets.

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Mechanical Float Valve - for Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Item #: JFV03


  • If you wish to fill an open Atmospheric Storage Tank (zero pressure) with RO water, you will need a Float Valve to turn off the water flow when the tank gets full. 
  • The Mechanical Float Valve is completely mechanical and requires no electricity or wiring.
  • Serves as an excellent emergency backup when using an electrical float switch.  If the electrical float switch malfunctions, the mechanical float switch will stop the water from overflowing.  Requires that your RO system has a "high pressure cut-off switch" installed.
  • Mechanical linkage of the float and the valve assures positive on-off action similar to the inside of a toilet tank.
  • When the water level drops the valve opens and allows the RO system to fill the tank.  When the water level rises the valve turns off the water flow.
  • Estimated Maximum Flowrate is 1.5 GPM @ 40 PSI, and is tested to 100 PSI.  


  • This valve works for most suitable RO systems when applied properly.  See below....
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: RO systems with electronic booster pumps will need some type of built-in High Pressure Shutoff switch / solenoid to sense that the water flow is closed off and then turn off the electronic pump.   Use and apply at your own risk.  Consult with your professional installer.


Price: $38.00  



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